About Nupemed

At NUPEMED Health Care we focus on offering medical and pharmaceutical products related to health and well-being.

We officially represent FREZYDERM in Portugal, commercialising dermo-care products with innovative formulas, distinguished by the purity of the active ingredients derived from plant extracts.

About Frezyderm

FREZYDERM was founded in 1986 by Anastasios Anastasiou with the aim of designing, producing and distributing dermatological products, introducing them to dermatologists, keeping them up to date and promoting them through the pharmaceutical distribution channel. Its main focus is to design and manufacture safe and effective, high-quality products without side effects that comply with strict pharmaceutical standards, making it a reliable partner for dermatologists.

Our Mission

  • Distribute innovative, high quality, safe and effective products.
  • Establish lasting partnerships with suppliers and partners.
  • Offer the best health and well-being solutions.
  • Collaborate with healthcare professionals to meet real consumer needs.

Our Vision

  • Distribute innovative, high quality, safe and effective products.
  • To be a reference in the medical - pharmaceutical market.
  • Offer carefully selected, differentiated products and brands that add value to the consumer.

Our Values

  • Innovation: Constant search for innovative products and solutions.
  • Efficacy: Commitment to the effectiveness of products in promoting health and well-being.
  • Security: Prioritizing the safety and reliability of products for consumers.